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Jan Bonner

President, 2018-2019

El Dedon Verde Garden Club

̏...to promote the love of gardening among amateurs,

to protect and promote the growth of our native trees, flowers and birds

and to encourage civic planning and civic beauty.˝

Mission Statement

Club Emblem

"The Green Thumb" ("El Dedon Verde")


Member of Mountain Plains District IX; Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.

South Central Region; National Garden Clubs, Inc.

National Garden Clubs includes 5,602 garden clubs, 178,946 garden club members,

50 states and the National Capital area, 70 National Affiliate Member Organizations,

654 International Affiliate Member Organizations, with headquarters in St. Louis, MO

Organized 1950; Federated 1981 - Bronze Club

Membership Statistics

169 Total Members

64 Actives (4 Past Presidents)

89 Sustainers (21 Past Presidents)

11 Life Members (4 Past Presidents)

5 Non-Resident Members (1 Past President)



Immediate Past President

1st Vice President: Programs

2nd Vice Presidents: Homes



Jan Bonner

Gail Boone

Suzie Schwitters

Cindy Wofford and Isha Rogers
Sylvia Verghesse

Sally Borrett


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Kim McGlone

Laura Borsch

Bobette Lange

Margaret Hart

Letty Parker

Gail Boone

Laura Borsch

Trish Lopez

Leticia Aber

Joyce Ewald

Project Chairs

Flower Show Silent Auction

Arbor Day Fundraiser

Flower Show Workshop





Amy Goldfarb

Ana Gonzales

Joyce Ewald

Sheila Huchton

Cindy Graff Cohen

Martha Troeger

Sandy Young

Current Club Projects

Arbor Day

This national holiday is held the last Friday in April, EDV allocates funds from its annual budget to plant a tree in February. In fall 2013 and 2014, EDV participated in a fundraiser from the Arbor Day Foundation by purchasing greeting cards. For each card purchased, a tree will be planted in a national forest.


Keystone Heritage Park

This park encompasses the El Paso Desert Botanical Garden, wetlands and a 4,500 year old archaeological site.  It provides the community with tours, lectures, and programs.  EDV makes an annual contribution to support the gardens.


Flower Show Silent Auction

Gift items and original works of art are donated by EDV members to add to the enjoyment of the annual Flower Show and to help defray show expenses.


Monthly Garden Education

Following the business portion of each monthly meeting and any special programs, members will be presented with historical and current information pertaining to gardening, with emphasis on garden techniques and Flower Show.


Flower Show Workshops for Members & Youth

It will be our goal to encourage our members and our El Paso Youth to participate in gardening activities, conservation and protection of wildlife, and recognition of plants, trees, and shrubs. We will teach basic flower arranging, focusing on the love and appreciation of nature and our Chihuahuan Desert environment.


Past Projects

Texas Garden Clubs Inc.

State Conventions

Fall 2006 / Spring 2011


Arbor Day


P.A.R.K. Inc., White Spur Park


Child Crisis Center ‘13


El Paso Zoo


Joan Goetting Memorial at

Cancer Treatment Center


Keystone Botanical Garden


Tom Lea Wilderness Park


McCall Neighborhood Center


Humane Society of El Paso


Plant it Pink Garden - District IX


Flower Shower Silent Auction

‘12, ‘13, ‘14


“Jardin de Milagros” -

Center for Children, ‘13


The Magoffin Home

State Historical Park


Wellington Chew
Senior Citizens Center


Whitaker Elementary

School Greenhouse


Keep El Paso Beautiful


The Garden Conservancy

“Open Days”


“New at the Zoo”

Eagle Scout Project



‘10, ‘11, ‘12, ‘13, ‘14


Animal Rescue League of El Paso


Christmas Design Class ‘11


Wildlife Habitat ‘09, ‘10


Blue Star Memorial Marker


Mustard Seed Cafe '15


Rose Society of El Paso '15

Past Presidents 1950-2016

Mrs. Frank E. (Lou) Brown

Mrs. Phil (Patricia) Harvey

Mrs. M. H. (Eleanor) Mahana

Mrs. Ellis (Susan) Mayfield

Mrs. Albert (Amelia) Krohn

Mrs. Paul (Sallie) Harvey, Jr.

Mrs. Jack (Nancy) Lynch

Mrs. Louis (Carolyn) Scott, Jr.

Mrs. Ben (Betty) Mason

Mrs. Jack (Margaret) Ryan

Mrs. Marge S. Budwig

Mrs. Lionel W. (Jane) Thomson

Mrs. John (Joyce) Karr

Mrs. Mary Lou Woods

Mrs Richard (Ellen) VandenHeuvel

Mrs. W. H. (Jane) Rogers

Mrs. Sammy (Margaret) Smith

Mrs. M. H. (Jean) Zabriskie, Jr.

Mrs. Blaine (Nancy) Qualls

Mrs. Paul (Sheila) Huchton, Jr.

Mrs. Werner (Cheri) Spier

Mrs. Arnold (Anne) Pitchford

Mrs. Gordon (Jean) McGee

Mrs. Robert (Mary Lou) Heasley

Mrs. Edwin (Sarah) Murdoch

Ms. Carolyn Huchton

Mrs. John (Charlotte) Nobles

Mrs. George (Dorothy) Finger

Mrs. Raymond (Rolie) Hibler

Mrs. William (Phyllis) Womack

Mrs. Steve (Mary) Wood

Mrs. James E. (Jody) Rogers, Jr.

Mrs. Charles A. (Joan) Goetting, Jr.

Mrs. Thomas F. (Kathleen) Hines

Mrs. H. W. (Joanne) McKinney, Jr.

Mrs. John M. (Joyce) Ewald

Mrs. John T. (Margie) Kelly, III

Mrs. Lindsay B. (Harriet) Holt

Mrs. Frank (Lisa) Davis

Mrs. Hughes (Sharon) Butterworth

Mrs. David (Mary) Etzold

Mrs. Jim (Frances) Curtis

Mrs. Troy (Betty) Bates

Mrs. Bill (Lucile) Uhlig

Mrs. William M. (Anne) Steele

Mrs. Ronald (Mary Ann) Gum

Mrs. John (Susan) Lindquist

Mrs. Robert (Mary Ethel) Thayer

Mrs. Bruce (Jackie) Gulbas

Mrs. Rick (Judy) Amstater

Mrs. Frank (Barbara) Ainsa, Jr.

Mrs. Mike (Stephanie) Caviness Tantimonico

Mrs. Tom (Tommie) Niland

Mrs. Richard (Beth) Black

Mrs. Andrew (Peggy) Feinberg

Mrs. Randolph (Sandy ) Young

Mrs. John (Martha) Troeger

Mrs. Robert (Susan) Adams

Mrs. Mark (Kathy) Cox

Mrs. Robert (Leslie Abernethy) Beckoff

Mrs. Angel (Rosalia) Beltran, Jr.

Mrs. Jack (Jennie) McCoy

Ms. Patricia (Trish) Lopez

Mrs. David (Barbara) Duchouquette

Mrs. Gregory (Holly) Trubowitsch

Mrs. Gary (Laura) Borsch

Mrs. Larry (Gail) Boone



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Member of Mountain Plains District IX, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.

Header Artwork Painted by and Courtesy of Susan Amstater, Cerei Cactus