Where flowers bloom so does hope.

We are so very blessed to be gardeners.

We witness the natural beauty in our gardens whenever we wish.

We have faith when we cultivate and sow.

Then, our love makes them grow.

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime.

I wish I could be with my El Dedon friends, but for now, my silent friends in the garden will do.

Message from
Francie McIntosh,
President 2023 - 2024

This past spring, I took the time to attend the Texas Garden Club’s Spring Convention held in San Antonio.  While there, we were honored as TGC Bronze Garden Club of the Year! Congratulations to all who made that possible.  It took a trip 550 miles east to remind me just how special my hometown and the people who live here are.  I’ve continued to keep this in mind as this year’s board plans the activities for the upcoming year....
“I must have flowers always and always." Monet

How to Plant a Fall Garden and Grow Late-Season Crops

You may be in full summer-harvest mode, picking zucchini, tomatoes, and basil every night. Or maybe you got sidetracked this spring and your plans to get the vegetable garden going just never went according to plan. Well, here's some good news: Just because fall is on its way doesn't mean it's time to pack away your gardening gloves.

Gardening in El Paso-Articles

We extended our growing season – and you can, too! We have built our own raised bed hoop houses to grow cool weather crops at the El Paso Master Gardeners’ Texas A&M AgriLife Vegetable Demonstration Gardens. Our raised bed hoop houses, like row covers and cold frames, function like a small greenhouse as they give some winter weather climate control, protect against hungry insects, allow a longer growing and harvest season, and provide a safe place to start new seeds and to set out transplants.



National Garden Clubs, Inc. Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.

Presents Certificates of Merit to
El Dedon Garden Club

TGC Awards

Bronze Garden Club of the Year
Flower Show Schedule Award
President’s Report Award Bronze,
X-Large 1st Place
President’s Book - Carolyn Overley
Memorial Book
Arbor Day Bronze X-Large 1st Place

NGC Awards

Special Achievement Award
Mae 2C-Social Media Website Professionally Designed
MAE-2 Social Media/Website
CE-3 Food Bank Donations
FD-2 Floral Design Program
MAE$-B-1 Publication

SCR Awards

FD-2 Floral Design Program
4 Yearbook
FD-2 Floral Design Program
4 Yearbook
Certificate of Excellence District IX
Silver Large CE-1 Community Gardens
Certificate of Excellence - Large FD-2 Floral Design Program



To Promote The LOVE OF GARDENING Among Amateurs, 

To Protect And Promote The Growth Of Our Native Trees, Flowers And Birds 

And To Encourage Civic Planning And Civic Beauty.

"Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature."

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